Since 1987 Joan Lovett has provided her creative services to well over 80 different productions. Every show has its own challenges – and I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge she’s acquired to produce the best possible product.

Here’s a brief selection of how her work has been received.

“Her level of workmanship is second to none, she is highly sought after . . . her knowledge and experience is priceless . . . the courses she will teach are essential to our industry” Lorraine Carson, Costume Designer.

“Arming our costumers with the ready knowledge of best products, tools and how to skilfully and safely apply them is a fantastic idea.” Kate Maine, Costume Designer.

“Her skill and vast knowledge working with different mediums is highly sought after.” Rena Campbell, Costume Co-ordinator.

“She has served the crews and artists entrusted to her care with judgement, skill and considerable humour.” Burke Taylor, Production Director.

“She can teach, organize and oversee work so that each student can learn something at his or her level.” Ronald Fedoruk, Technical Director, Centre For The Arts.